Wilderness Medicine Educators Collaborative, formerly the writing group

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Peer review published 2012

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Peer review published 2016

Wilderness Advanced First Aid aka Advanced Wilderness First Aid (WAFA aka AWFA) nearing compleation [2-2018]

Scope of Practice (SOP)

This site shares the results of this groups work together since 2002 on scope of practice for Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training. The groups first project was completed at the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) level by the directors of eight Wilderness Medicine schools. Seven of these schools continued for five more years, finishing the consensus work on WFR SOP in Jan 2016. The group is working on a new project which may be released in 2018. The group contains some schools who have worked on Wilderness Medicine course standards standards together since 1994. The newest of these schools has been educating in Wilderness Medicine since 1998. The oldest since 1967. This site is funded by donations from WMO, WMPTC, NOLS, SOLO, DMM, ARIE and WMA.